Dish Network Has Done It Again

BadDish Blown me off for a service appointment.  I was here all afternoon for my appointment “between 12 Noon and 5:00 pm … and the service technician didn’t show up.  And when I called, I DID get $100 off my bill for (over the next 10 months), but the woman in Bhopal or wherever she was could only offer me platitudes from her script about how “sorry” she was for my inconvenience.

If it was the first time I’ve had issues with Dish Network customer service, I might be a little more forgiving.  But it’s not.  And they get one more chance next week to get the new equipment installed, or I’ll tell them just to take it all and I’ll go with DirecTV.  It may not be any better, but it certainly can’t be any worse.

That’s all you get, Dish Network.  One more chance next Friday.  Just one.  After that, I can’t continue to reward bad behavior.

And I won’t.



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