Beginning of the End

Camera 2 Tomorrow is the first of the last 4 “Week in Review” programs … and the end of my run on weekly television.  After 2 months of candidate profile shows, and knowing that the show is coming to a close, it’s been a little difficult to find my rhythm this week.

Not having my regular producer is tough, too, but that’s the way it is.  Christina does a great job, but Don and I had a rapport and a similar love of the process and issues … and we worked on the show from it’s inception 8 years ago.  In that way, maybe it’s just as well that it’s ending.  I always worried how it’d carry on when Don retired.  He had his decision made for him, and I’m ready for a new project anyway.  I just have to get it approved and funded.

I’ll still have the First  Coast Forum programs to do, the next one coming up in mid October focusing on proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution.  That should be interesting.  I don’t know which ones we’ll be looking at just yet, but I’m almost sure we’ll cover the marriage amendment, probably hometown democracy, not sure what else.  There are a  bunch, and we’re not going to be able to get to them all in the 90 minutes.

But after September 26th, I’ll only be on television 4 or 5 times a year, I think.  That’s OK.  I love being on the radio.  I always have.  The call-in show we’re working on should be a lot of fun.  It does need a name, so if anybody has any good ideas for a public radio call-in show name, leave it in the comments.


Meanwhile, we were a little short-handed today, so I went out to commit news.  Angela Corey was holding a news conference to announce her choice for Assistant State Attorney (hint: not Jay Plotkin), and there was no one to cover it but me.  And, other than nearly forgetting to push the right button to record the news conference, I guess I did OK.  I got sound, wrote a story, and got it on the air by 4:30.  It was nice to know that I can still do that, but I don’t really have any desire to going back to writing a story every day.  Still, it’s good to keep my hand in, and good for the 2nd floor bunch to hear me do it occasionally.


Here at the beach, life goes on as usual.

Hanna Models

There are two potential hurricanes out there, but neither is threatening our little chunk of Florida right now.   Gustav looks like he’ll play havoc on Louisiana, and nobody knows what Hanna is going to do.  The computer models for Hanna are just all over the map, but as you can see above, they all show her taking a sharp turn to the south.  Well, one model shows her doing a little loop in the middle of the ocean, but it looks like a consensus that high pressure is going to push the storm back to the south.

There, the storm could gain strength.  I have no idea what conditions will be like by then.  The good news for us is, at least it’s not tracking this way.

So, some random thoughts.  Looking forward to the weekend.  I’ll try to keep the blog up, but we’ll see how that goes.  I should have time to write something waiting for the satellite installation guy to get here tomorrow.  I hope he’s closer to noon than 5.



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One response to “Beginning of the End

  1. David K

    Sorry to hear Week in Review is almost over, the call-in show sounds interesting though. Here’s a few titles:
    Across the Board
    Beg the Question
    The Nth Degree
    Point to Point
    Two Cents

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