Floridians … Go Vote

I Voted It’s a primary election day here in the state of Florida.  Not a Presidential Preference primary … that was back in January.  Today’s is arguably more important.  Local and state races that might actually have some effect on the way we live.  State legislative races, school board, a couple of special city council contests.  Arguably just as important as the Presidential hoo-ha that’s going on.  The people in these local races probably have as great, if not greater, effect on people in their communities than the national figures.

And so few people can name their member of the City Council.  It’s a little pathetic.

So, if you’re a registered voter in the state of Florida today, get out there to your polling place and cast your ballots.  I’ve already been this morning, and was just the 32nd voter in my precinct at about 8:30.  That’s not good enough.  Get out there and make it happen.

Then, tune to 89.9 news tonight, where I and the news team will be bringing you the returns and results, and taking your calls.  I’ll update later

Update 1:

Polls close at 7:00 pm.

Follow Duval County Election Returns here

Follow Florida Election Returns here



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