Opening Friday



Opening night is Friday, at the Ocean Club Liquor Store at the beach.

Rehearsal was pretty good tonight.  Of course, it’s a good, experienced crew, and we’ve pretty much all played together before.  Della wasn’t around “back in the day”, but she’s quick and funny and can add just the right thing to a scene, or carry one.  Of course, Scott, Jeff, Don G and I have been to more than one improv rodeo together.

I’m really looking forward to putting it on stage in front of an audience.  I’ve really missed it, and I hope we’re able to sustain it after Scott and Della move to West (by god) Virginia.

Of course, every time I mention improv rehearsal … I get the same reaction.

“You rehearse improv?”

And yes, we do.  You kind of have to.  The games have structure, and there are rules.  While there is a great freedom to not having a script, repetition makes things run smoothly.  It’s also how we build trust and cohesion.  If we’ve made it look easy, you can bet we worked hard getting there.


It’s likely I won’t be blogging tomorrow, unless I do it from the office.  It’s election day, and I’ll be working late doing returns, and hopefully taking some calls.  Election nights are usually a lot of fun, and I hope involving the audience will add an entirely new dimension to the proceedings.  I’m not in the business of making predictions.  I do know I haven’t been to vote yet, so that’ll be the second order of business tomorrow after getting in my ride.

Actually, if I took my picture ID with me on the bike, I could take care of the whole thing at once.  But I think the poll workers would prefer that I came home and took a shower first.  The good news is, since I’ll be staying late at the office, I don’t have to be there early.


I’m hoping that on the way in tomorrow, I can stop and get my new radio installed.  I’m going to lose the controls on my steering wheel, but I’m going to gain an HD radio with an aux in for the MP3 player.  I’ve got one in the boat, and I’m really looking forward to having it in the car as well.

I don’t have any intention of buying a satellite radio.  In this economy, I don’t see any reason to pay $13-$15/month for something I can get for free.  I guess if you’re interested in serious niche formats satellite radio might be worth paying for.  But seriously, I’m not into much new music, and everything I really like is on the MP3.  When I suffer from news overload, it’ll be great to just plug it in and play pretty much any CD I own, or play the songs at random.  No searching 150 stations for the one I like.  And I know me.  I’d listen to 4 or 5 of the 150 regularly, and I just can’t see spending a couple hundred dollars a year for 4 or 5 radio stations.  Maybe that’s just me.


So, a few random thoughts tonight.  Nothing earth-shattering or particularly insightful.  Election coverage tomorrow, so probably back to the blog on Wednesday.



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