Another Rainy Day

Today was probably the worst of the days we’ve had associated with tropical storm Fay.  We had a big pine tree go down outside the office over by the Fay Met Park 2retention pond.  It rained and rained and rained … probably steady for 3-4 hours.  Then, the tornado warnings began to pop.  We had 4 of them in about a 4 hour period over the course of the early part of the afternoon.

I don’t know of any actual tornadoes that touched down, or of damage associated with them.  There were plenty of limbs down and 80+ thousand houses without power this afternoon.  Hopefully many of them are back on by now.

The river overran it’s banks in more than one place.  People in Riverside and San Marco were unable to get their cars out.  There was a lot of street flooding, as probably 5 – 6 inches of rain fell today.

Fay Met Park 1 This was the scene behind the station today.  The “VIP dock.  The bulkhead you’re seeing us usually about 2-3 feet above the water level.  Today, the water is about two feet up over the bulkhead near high tide.  I’m sure if I’m able to get the boat off the rack this weekend that we’ll find a ton of debris in the river.

If there’s an upside, we had an opportunity to christen the talk show studio this afternoon.  We’d spent all this money on making a talk studio, and it’s been sitting there for months, not quite finished, and waiting for someone to sit down and say “we’d like to hear what’s going on in your neighborhood”.  I was amazed.  It’s not an easy number to remember, but all we had to do was say “give us a call”, and suddenly there were half a dozen people on the phone.  I was very encouraged for the time that we actually get a weekly show going.  Granted some of the people who called were current and former employees … but only a handful.  We heard from people all over town, and as far away as St. Mary’s, Georgia.  It was a lot of fun, we figured out the phone system pretty quickly, and I felt really good about how comfortable I was in the studio.

So now, Fay is hugging the gulf coast over in the big bend … the wind has calmed down, we may still see some rain tomorrow and Sunday, and there are two areas that “bear watching” out in the Atlantic.  One is down near South America, which PROBABLY won’t head this way.  But it’s moving nearly due west towards the Windward Islands.  The other, fortunately with less chance for development, is further north and east.  September is the peak of hurricane season.  Watch this space.


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