Fay’s Finally Moving

After 24 hours or so just sitting off the coast of Cape Canaveral … Fay is finally moving back west across the state.  And the wind and rain are making for a lovely night at the beach.

Fay ICW I was out earlier, observing, and I did a couple of hits for the newscast this afternoon. It was kind of nice to be back doing something for the news.  It was easy stuff.  Drive around, see what the storm is doing, call the studio, I recorded one, and did one live.  After that was all done, I decided to take a few pictures while the storm was at it’s peak.

You may have seen the one I posted last night that I took down on 1st street after dinner.  These are a pretty good representation of the whole day today, and what it might be tomorrow.  Low, gray clouds, winds up 25-40 miles per hour.  A couple of the bridges were closed today, which is one of the reasons I was out here doing live spots for the news.  I didn’t want to get stuck on the wrong side of the bridge.

Fay Shed The wind was starting to take the roof off this shed just on the Atlantic Beach side of the ICW bridge.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, really.  That leading edge was flapping and banging in the wind, which was pretty much howling around the bridge abutments.  The rain was pelting down … sometimes in sheets, sometimes in sprinkles, sometimes just a steady rain.

I love the muted colors that the weather gives these captures.  The rain and the humidity making the air almost thick enough to see.

Fay Boat 1 This little sailboat didn’t make it.  The little creek behind Johnston Island has lots of boats anchored out of the main channel of the Intercoastal Waterway.  This one probably had the scuppers or the cockpit drains clogged.  It’s one of the main causes of sinking during heavy rains.  There was another boat that had floated up over the shore in the flood at high tide, and was just barely floating with her keel mostly in the mud.  I’m glad mine is up in the drystack.  I need to go pay her a visit Sunday.

Another rain band has just passed through.  They’ve come like that all night.  It sprinkles and spits and then just opens up and pours.  We haven’t even gotten to the back side of the storm yet, so the wind will eventually clock around to the south and push more rain up this way.  We’re supposed to have tropical storm conditions until tomorrow afternoon.  Looking on the radar at how slowly Fay’s moving … I believe it.

More heavy rain.  Not a good night to watch satellite TV, so we’d recorded some movies, and we’re watching one of those.  “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.  Arguably the worst movie ever made.  I’d never watched it before, but yes, it is.  I know Ed Wood befriended Bela Lugosi late in his career, and made this movie in part to give Bela some work.  He must have really, really needed the money.

So, listening to it rain, and watching a very bad movie.  The only thing better would be if I didn’t have to get up and go to work tomorrow.



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