This is Just Ridiculous

The blogosphere was just abuzz today over the Saddleback Church “debate”, which wasn’t a debate at all, and whether or not John McCain was in a “Cone of Silence” while Obama was answering his questions.

Is this the best we can do for political debate.

Now, the Obama camp is whining that somehow McCain “Cheated”, and the he “Lied”.  McCain’s camp is whining that Andrea Mitchell parroted the Democratic party line on “Meet the Press”, which I honestly haven’t watched since Tim Russert died.  Did McCain cheat because he was part of a motorcade driving to the church while Obama was answering his first questions … could he have listened or had someone else listen and relay his answers?  Is the MSM in the tank for Obama?

nopol3 For the love of god.  Doesn’t anyone want to talk about issues?

This is such a non-story.  The candidates apparently did talk about issues at the Saddleback Forum, which I didn’t watch Saturday.  I was watching Michael Phelps win his 8th gold medal.  And from all reports McCain did much better at the forum than did Obama, mostly because Obama’s not much of an impromptu speaker.  He’s great from a ‘Prompter … gives a good speech rich in rhetoric and short of substance, from what I’ve been able to hear anyway.  McCain’s less inspiring, but I think he has more to say.  That’s just me.

But the older I get, the less patient I get with these kinds of political campaigns.  And it seems to be getting more and more shrill in each even numbered year divisible by 4.  I’m so sick to death of the backbiting and hyper-partisanship and campaigns throwing accusations back and forth, finger pointing and trying to score points at the expense of the other candidate.  Each saying the other is going to “smear” them with some wild accusation or another.  Anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist, and anyone who disagrees with McCain is unpatriotic or impinging his war record.  I’m just sick to death of it.

I do wish Obama would agree to the town hall meetings, simply because I’m tired of the canned, scripted answers.  I wish McCain would tell NoAlbertsm his people that he wants to focus on issues rather than trying to compare Obama to Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears.  It doesn’t do ANYTHING to help select a President.  I with Obama’s surrogates would stop trying to impugn McCains’ history of service.

I want substance … but I know I’m in the minority in that.

Negative ads move polls.  It’s a well known fact of political life.  If people didn’t respond to them, the candidates wouldn’t run them.  Just like the news business.  People SAY they want positive stories and stories about issues and serious public affairs.  But anytime a station runs something like that, the people meters show the audience turning off the televisions in droves … or switching to a channel that carries all crime or celebrity news or something sensational.  It’s the same with politics.  People SAY they want substance and issues.  The RESPOND to smears, accusations, and innuendo.

Maybe we really do get the government we deserve.  And that’s really a shame.


fay818 Meanwhile … Fay is now forecast to transit the peninsula, going back out to sea around St. Augustine as a tropical depression, re-strengthening to a tropical storm, turning back to the west and going ashore somewhere around Brunswick.

No, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense … but it looks like Wednesday night is going to be a bit rough.  I hope we get some decent rain out of the deal, even though we don’t really have a rainfall deficit for a change.  Up in Georgia, they really do need the rain, and it looks like they may get some.  But it looks like the storm is not going to dump rain where it’s really needed, up around Atlanta.  Of course, this storm has changed so much in the past few days that you can’t really know where’s its going until it’s already been there.

Just like every other storm.



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