And 50 + 1

50 It’s actually a bit of a letdown.

I guess I’ve been focusing on this for so long, now that it’s done, it’d kind of like “so that’s it?”

We started planning for the party almost as soon as we realized that I’d turn 50 the day before Andie turned 40.  I really thought that it’d be more of a blowout, but it was a really good party.  Actually, it WOULD have been more of a blowout if a curmudgeonly old codger hadn’t had a stick up his butt about the band.

The actual birthday was a bit anticlimactic.  Just another Wednesday at work.  Andie loves the car GPS I got for her, though.  That’s cool.

I’ve been really enjoying reminiscing about my life up until now.   It wasn’t always about warm water and palm trees … or even cold water in the case of Australia.  There was skiing at Paoli Peaks, and Boyne Mountain, Michigan.  Boyne was where I first blew out my knee … trying to ski on a moderate slope on my very first day skiing.  I went to the infirmary, got the last ace bandage in the place, drank a lot of bourbon, and skied the next day.  I don’t think my knee has been the same.  One ski trip, I blew it out and spent the rest of the weekend watching playoff football. That was after I got married the first time.  I kind of got waited on with my knee all taped up and elevated.

But the absolute best was spring skiing in Colorado.  Douglas and I went a couple of times.  I remember one particularly nice condo, fireplace, two bedrooms, really nice place right on the slopes at Steamboat Springs, I think.  It was the first place I ever encountered lemon sorbet between courses at a restaurant.   Neither one of us knew what it was when it came out.  The scenery was spectacular out there.  The ski lifts were frightening … but the runs were LONG.  Going all the way to the top of the mountain, it could take 30 minutes of more to get back to the bottom of the hill.  And in the spring … when the weather was warm but there was still snow … it was skiing in shirtsleeves.  That was cool.

I haven’t been out to the Rocky Mountains in a long, long time.  I need to go sometime soon.

We did some nutty things.  We’d go rappelling out in Shoals.  There was about a 110 foot bluff with an overhang that made the first 30 feet or so a free rappel.  It was called “Eagles Nest”, and I can still vividly see the countryside dangling 100 feed off the ground on a section of 1/2 inch gold braid.

Then there were the times we’d go waterskiing in March … in wetsuits … and the guys in the boat were bundled up in parkas.  We’d go spelunking in some of the dozens of local caves in the area.  Blue Spring and Shiloh are two that come immediately to mind.  I hurt my knee in a cave, too.  My poor knees have been through a lot.  It’s a wonder I can even walk sometimes.

All that before I got married and left Indiana for California.

But, I think it’s time to get back to regular blogging for a while.  I’ll return to these ruminations on slow days.  I hope, if you’ve read along with me so far, that you’ve enjoyed some part of my trip back in time.  I don’t know that I’ve gotten everything exactly right, but honestly, it’s close enough for jazz.


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