A Beach Bum Looks at 50 … 3 Days

50 Today was just for doing nothing.  And I managed to accomplish that.  But first …

We had the worst breakfast experience we’ve had in a long, long time.  We had a large party, so our normal breakfast places were going  to be unwieldly.  Frankenwurst is closed for moving,  The Galley has a difficult time with a party of 6, let alone 10, and it’s pretty much always mobbed, as is Beach Diner.  Twisted Sister had, at one time, been part of our regular breakfast rotation, but they were trying harder to be a night spot, and decided they wanted to sleep in on Sunday.  So they’d stopped serving breakfast.  Fair enough.  Well, the place has been sold to new owners, and they were advertising breakfast again, so we thought we’d give them a try.

We arrived at 11:30 … well, half of us did.  We ordered coffee, which was a long time coming out.  It should have served as a warning.

The 7 of us who were there by about 11:50 had just ordered when the other 3 showed up.  The waitress had actually written the order down.  It didn’t matter.  She took the other 3 orders by about noon, and we sat back to chat and drink coffee.

By about 12:30, the first of the plates came out.  3 out of the 10.  Most of the rest of the food trickled out over the course of the next hour, though the waitress had to take several of the orders twice, and one three times.  Mike’s food never came out.  She at one point brought out a plate of food that no one had ordered, and she just said “who wants this on the house?”  She wasn’t about to take it back to the kitchen.  Mike picked at it waiting for his actual order.  As I said, it never came.  The waitress came out several times, sometimes even carrying food, apologizing, saying how “I’m here all by my self”, and “I’ve worked 80 hours this week and I’m exhausted”, and “the regular chef didn’t show up and the person who’s cooking has only been here three days” and on and on and on.  By the time we’d been there nearly two hours, we weren’t interested in excuses.  “I’ve called the owner” she said.  We didn’t care.  There was one guy who came out and poured coffee and tried to smooth things over, but he “wasn’t really working today” …  The whole thing was just an unmitigated disaster.  And the food wasn’t even really that good.  David, who ordered among the last in the group, got his omelet first … and he thought it was pretty good.  But Busy said there were egg shells in her scrambled egg whites … my biscuits and gravy was made with ham rather than sausage, which I guess is legit in some places.  Tom changed his order to a veggie omelet rather than the French toast when it hadn’t been started after an hour and a half.  And, as I said, Mike never DID get his order.

You might think it was crowded or something … but no.  There were 4 tables inside, only ours outside.  Not exactly a breakfast rush.

So, if you were considering Twisted Sister for breakfast on Sunday … my advice is to find someplace else to wait.  At least when you do sit down and they take your order, you’ve got a reasonable chance of actually getting some kind of breakfast, and most likely the food you actually ordered.  I don’t know how they are as a night spot, but if the breakfast experience is any indication … I’m guessing they won’t be around for very long.


Meanwhile, the countdown to 50 continues.  Not that I’m obsessing or anything.  I don’t feel like I’m half a century old.  Well, not until I try to get up too early after not enough sleep.  The bike is helping, but I’ve been really lax in what I’ve been eating over the past few weeks … really since Jenni was here … and I’ve got to get myself some discipline back in that arena.  I’ll be back on the bike tomorrow morning, but school starts the week after that, and that’ll mean more cars on the road in the morning.  Still, it’s better than trying to ride in the oppressive heat of the afternoon.

All in all, this turning 50 thing isn’t so daunting, at least not so far.  I’m sure Wednesday will be just another day, same stuff, nothing really special.  At least I hope so.  More reminiscing tomorrow.



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