A Beach Bum Looks at 50: Prologue

In a few days, 8 to be precise,I’ll complete my 50th trip around the sun.  So for the next few days, we’ll be into something of a countdown mode, Unless something better to write about comes along.

Where does one start reflecting back on half a century?  I don’t have a lot of memories of being a little kid.  A few vague things that will pop up once in a while.  I’ve written about a few of the things that stand out:  The pontoon boat, riding in the railroad locomotive.   I can sort of remember learning to swim at the lake, and my first head-first dive off the dock wearing a clunky old collar-style PFD.

I had a few close friends, and not a lot of acquaintances.  I’ve not kept track of anyone, really.  But nor have they kept up with me.

There are a few from the old town with whom I try to stay in touch.   It’s not easy.  But in some cases at least, it’s worth it.

So what does one contemplate staring down the maw of a half century?  Accomplishments?  I’ve had many of those.  Failures?  Not as many as successes, I don’t think.  Regrets?  I’ve had a few.  But then again … oh never mind.  A couple of doozies, though.   Is it a time for retrospection, or introspection.  Should I look ahead or astern?  Or just keep looking forward with an eye in the mirror?

There’s a lot to look forward to, I think.  But I’ve also had a good run so far.  Way better and way more fortunate than a lot of people.  It’s already after 11:00, and I want to hit the bike in the morning, so I’m going to leave it there for tonight, and start on some of the specifics tomorrow.  If this is to be a journal, the maybe I shouldn’t look so closely as the stats and just write for the pleasure of it.



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