We had an improv rehearsal tonight.  After I left improvjacksonville, I thought I was done.  But when Scott called and said he wanted to start a new troupe, and wanted me to play, I was thrilled.

I love the freedom of improvising.  I also love the confidence it’s given me.  I’ve performed with all of the other players before, so I have a high level of comfort with them.  I hope they do with me as well.

It’s good to be back on stage.  The first show is in two weeks … August 15th at The Ocean Club Liquor Store.  8:00 pm.  5 bucks at the door.  C’mon down.


By the time I hit the stage for that first show, I’ll be 50.  August 13 will be the beginning of my 51st trip around the sun.  I’m actually really OK with this milestone birthday.  We’ve got a major party planned, lots of friends and family.  The party is actually on the 9th, because nobody would come out to a major birthday blowout on a Wednesday night.  And Andie’s b-day is the next day, so we have to kind of pick a neutral date to celebrate.  I think I’ll get my ears pierced after the last Week in Review television show.  I’ve been putting it off for a long time, mostly for that reason.  I’m on TV once a week, and I don’t know how that would go over.  But once that’s done, I don’t see any reason to not do it.  And I might as well go for two.

As midlife crises go, that’s not too bad.  I really don’t want a tattoo, and I’ve already had a little red sports car.  So what’s left?  If Don G can have pierced ears … why not me?  Of course, I can never be as cool as Don G …

So there are just a couple of random thoughts for a Thursday night.  I’m tired, and need to go to bed.  I did make it another 18 miles on the bike this morning. I won’t be able to ride in the morning because of my work schedule.  I’ll hit it again on Saturday.

Nothing much else to write about tonight.  Time to go.



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