And then … Normal

I worked one full week in July.  One.  And that was pledge.

I’m pretty well spent.  It’s been a very hectic month, and August is shaping up to be only a little less intense.  At least I don’t have any travel planned.  I hope I’m done with airports for a while.

I don’t know how people who travel all the time for business do it.  I’ve been on three trips in about the last 8 weeks, and you can stick a fork in me.  Maybe if the Bahamas trip didn’t include three airports per leg, it might have been a little more tolerable. Seeing new places, or familiar but exotic places, is a lot of fun.  Traveling can be very stressful.

I must say that all of the airlines I’ve been on this summer have done a pretty good job.  The first trip was on U.S. Airways, and they got us to DC and back pretty much on time and without lost luggage.  Continental, which we flew to the Islands, Also did well, and traveling to The Bahamas always has the potential for disaster.  But our dive gear arrived with us, and other than a slight delay getting out of Treasure Cay, we didn’t have any problems.  The couple from Kentucky was not so lucky.  Continental didn’t get their undies and dive gear to them for 3 days.

Southwest also got me to Indianapolis and back on time on reasonably new airplanes.  Luggage wasn’t an issue, since I was all carry-on all the time.  My only complaint about Southwest is that I paid a pretty good premium for their “Business Select” package, which DID get me a very low boarding number.  A 02 on both legs.  But by the time everyone had pre-boarded, including someone who I’m sure was a Southwest employee who got the exit row seat that should have been mine … just suffice it to say that I paid a whole lot of money for two mediocre glasses of red wine.  On the outbound leg, I had the jerk who reclined all the way back in my lap for the entire trip.  On the return, I was in an “exit row”, but with no extra leg room.  So, I’ll never again pay for the low boarding number on Southwest.  I’ll just be sure to go online just as the flight becomes available for check in, and get the best boarding number I can.  No reason to pay extra.

Still, it’s stressful.  I love to go.  I’m getting less enamored of traveling.

So in August, we have a couple of milestone birthdays in the house.  I’m facing the half-century mark.  50 trips around the sun.  Andie will complete 40 the following day.  So there’s gonna be a party.  Andie has some traveling to do, but I think I’m pretty much done.  Maybe August is less hectic after all.  I’m ready.

I got back on the bike this morning, and I’ll hit it again tomorrow morning.

Not a lot to say tonight.  After all the writing I did while in Indiana, maybe I’m just about blogged out.  Or maybe it’s just that not every day is an epic day.  Tomorrow, I’ve got improv rehearsal after work.  The first show is on the 15th.  Bring it.



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