I’ve switched  browsers.  Jenni and I were kinda simultaneously surfing on our individual laptops, and she mentioned that she’s using Firefox … the open-source Mozilla browser.  I’ve downloaded it before, and for some reason didn’t really like it that much.  But I thought I’d give it a try again, and I have to say I’m liking it a lot.

I don’t like the way the bookmarks are organized.  Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to organize them yet, but it certainly isn’t intuitive.

Once I figured out the tabs format, and how it’s different from IE7, it was OK.  A little different, but not bad.

I think it’s a bit faster to load pages than IE, particularly for Java applications.  I also like how you can set it to open pretty much everything in a new tab, and not have multiple browsers open across the bottom of the screen.

So that’s it.  No big revelations.  I’ll hang with Firefox for a while, see how it is over the long haul, and maybe I’ll switch back like I did before.  Maybe not.

Can you tell I’m a bit uninspired?  Jenni has to go home tomorrow, and that always bums me out.  But we’ve had a great time these past couple of weeks, and pledge starts Monday, which will help take my mind off it a bit.  And, Scott’s getting the band back together, and we’ll start improv rehearsals Monday as well.  I’m looking forward to performing again.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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One response to “Firefox

  1. David

    The great thing about Firefox, beyond the security, is the extensions.

    Here is Mozilla’s extension site:

    A few I’d recommend are:
    IE Tab: Opens Internet Explorer with the same page you’re viewing in Firefox. Good if you come across non-Firefox supported pages.

    Adblock Plus: Right Click to remove ads from any page. I try to only use this one for annoying flash ads because I feel bad about taking a good site’s revenue, great to have the option though…

    Foxytunes: Puts a media navigation button set on the Status bar at the bottom of the window. Great if you listen to music on your computer so you don’t have to swap between your music player and browser.

    PicLens: Beautiful photo navigation add on, highly recommended.

    There are plenty more. Just be careful not to use too many, it will slow the browser down eventually.

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