Mamma Mia

Jenni wants to go see it, so we’re going to a late show.

Two hours of my life that I’ll hope to get back by spending some time on the water … which is not deducted from man’s allotted span.

But I’ve got to leave you with something, so here’s this.

Baby Mangrove 2

Anyone who’s been to the keys or somewhere tropical knows this is how mangrove swamps get started.  An amazing tree, the mangrove drops its seeds into salt water, where they eventually root to the bottom and sprout.  As the swamp grows, the roots intertwine into a tangled mass that eventually can become an island.  And if you’ve followed some of my photographic efforts on Flickr, you know how I love sticks poking up through the water.

This one happens to be alive.

Tomorrow is Sunday dinner on Saturday, but I’ll try to get something posted while I’m cooking.  We’re going for a pretty traditional Bahamian Sunday dinner menu, but I’m grilling chicken rather than frying it.  I’ve got pigeon peas for peas ‘n’ rice, the makings for baked macaroni and cheese, and will try for some coconut bread.

Time to run.



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