Tranquility Base Here

July 9th.  Pics are up on Flickr.

Deck View 4 This was the scene that greeted me when I woke up this morning at Tranquility, the house we’re renting this week on Green Turtle Cay in Abaco.  Well, I couldn’t quite see it from the bed, but by the time I’d made a cup of coffee and gone out on the deck, this was the scene that greeted me.  If there’s a definition for vacation, for me at least, it’s here.

I found this place looking online, searching under “Vacation Rentals Green Turtle Cay”.  It was one of the first that popped up in the search.  I knew Jenni was coming with us this time, and by the time I would have gotten two rooms at Bluff House for 6 nights, this was every bit as affordable.  Andie said ‘this is a home run”.

I’ll try to take some pictures of the interior of the house before we go.


Coming up an unimproved lane, the house stands almost at the center of a protected cove facing the ocean.  A shallow reef and small island, once part of the larger cay, protect the water but will not allow boats larger than a kayak to come in for shelter.  The water ranges from an intense turquoise over the sandy bottom to a darker blue over grasses and coral.  The shoreline curves away in both directions, giving away to the open sea.  A second, larger island off to the east protects the other end of the bay.

Today was for diving, and a throw-back beach party on an unnamed island just off Green Turtle.

The dive was at a reef site called “The Cathedrals”, with lots of swim-through’s and tons of fish, including some nice, big tarpon and grouper.  We saw one black tip reef shark and a nurse shark.  Jen did pretty well with her new gear, though the mask gave her some problems until she got it adjusted properly.  She was very comfortable with the dive.  I took along the old, inexpensive film camera, which I’m sure will give me a couple of decent shots and lots and lots of backscatter shots.  Still, hopefully at least the one of Jen, Andie, and me will come out OK.  I do like having these dives documented.

Lunch 2For the beach party, Brendal made a very interesting grouper dish layered up with tomatoes, celery, green peppers. parsley, lemon juice, all in a single dish, covered in foil, and placed on an open, hot fire for about 10 minutes.  No more than that, I’m sure.  He served it with a conch salad, and coconut bread and even more rum punch.  Swiiming Girls 15

There was plenty of time for swimming,  The eagle rays and sting rays that usually come around for a handout when they hear Brendals’ boat didn’t make an appearance.  Brendal says lots of people feed them during the summer, so they don’t show up every time. 

If time spent on the water is not deducted from man’s allotted span, then we got nearly an entire day back today.  This is what a vacation is supposed to be, for me at least.  Clear, blue, warm water, a competent boat captain, plenty of air to breathe, both on the surface and on the bottom.  Today was the day I’d hoped for when I started making these plans back in January. 

Tomorrow is Bahamian Independence day.  Brendal has invited us to sail with him down to No Name Cay.  So not only do I get to DIVE in the Bahamas, I get to SAIL in the Bahamas. 

This is a very, very good thing.



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