Summer Storm

Nature provided the fireworks last night.

Lightning 1 med

About 11:00, a summer storm started to threaten.  I’d run to the drugstore to get Jenni some contact lens solution, as she’d managed to get to Florida without it.  They say you go on vacation to forget things, and when you get there, you find you usually have.

In any event, I’d been out on the porch talking to Scott Abrams about his new improv project, of which I hope to be a part, and I kept noticing flickers of light outside.  Our streetlights often work intermittently, and I just thought it was the light out on Florida Boulevard trying to come on.  But when I got in the ragtop, top down, of course, to go to the drugstore, I noticed the electrical discharges racing across the sky.  The storm was still several miles away, which I confirmed looking at the radar online when I got home, so I decided to try the same technique on the thunderstorm as I had Friday night on the fireworks at the beach.  I got lucky.

Lightning 2 med

Set up on the tripod, in full manual mode and with my remote shutter release, I waited.  I shot the first one at f5 at about a 1/2 second shutter speed and ISO 400.  The second, I stopped down to f8 but increased the exposure to 2 1/2 seconds.  Both were shot with a 28mm lens in manual focus mode.  I love the metadata the camera puts on the captures.  I was out in the driveway for about 30 minutes to get these two images, and about a dozen completely black ones.

I got this camera, in part, to get shots like these.  Please go look at the full size images on Flickr.

So today is Sunday, and we’ll be meeting Ann Hopkins for lunch.  She was Provost at Miami of Ohio before coming to UNF, and Jenni will be attending Miami in the fall, so I really wanted an opportunity to get them together.  Tonight is dinner with Busy, Tim, and Lucas. Tomorrow is a down day before the fun starts Tuesday.  In the business, we call that a teaser.  More later.



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