4000 Miles

I probably actually crossed this milestone a while back, but it was official today.  It’s quite an accomplishment, but it didn’t come without a fight.


Four thousand miles.  I’m off my pace from last year, but that’s about a thousand miles so far this year.  We had some really awful weather early this year that kept me from riding as much early on.  I’m into a good rhythm now, though, and it’s feeling pretty good.

I say I probably reached this milestone a while back because there were a few days when I didn’t take the GPS system for one reason or another.  Either not charged or crapped out during the ride.  It did that today.  Sometimes it just shuts its self off.  At that point, I lose all the calories accrued so far, but not the miles.  I do lose the miles I ride while the GPS is inoperative.  Today, I lost about 8/10 of a mile, but as you can see, I still made the mileage.  What was really irritating was it was about 12 hours later than I’d wanted.

Why?  Some moron threw a beer bottle in the gutter … again.  I’d made it about 2 1/5 miles when I heard the telltale hiss of air escaping the tire.  I’d seen the big pieces of glass in the road, but not the tiny shard that lodged in the tire.  There’s nothing quite so disheartening as a flat tire at 6:20 in the morning.

I’m still not sure why people feel the need to just toss glass in the street, but the longer the summer goes on, the more often it’s going to be a hazard.  People come out here to the beach to party, and since they don’t live here, they just don’t care.  Get drunk and throw your damn beer bottles in the gutter to be a hazard to the bicyclists.  Thanks a lot for that.

I really try hard to respect where ever I am.  Particularly if it’s not mine.  I’d no more think about tossing a bottle in the street in someone else’s neighborhood than I would my own.  I only ask the same from visitors to the beach.

The good news is, I had an inner tube on the shelf out in the garage, and I got the tire changed before work this morning.  That way, I was able to come home and immediately hit the bike.   But afternoon rides are complicated by far more traffic, people on bicycles all over the road, skateboards, pedestrians, joggers pushing enormous strollers … I much prefer riding in the morning.

We tape Week in Review in the morning, as Friday is July 4th.  Getting a crew to work on a holiday is just not happening, and it means I get the day off as well.  I’ll take the 3 day weekend. 




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