Nothing to Show For It

I’ve been busy all weekend and have absolutely nothing to show for it. 

I spent time with friends, didn’t take any pictures, didn’t get the boat off the rack because of thunderstorms popping up pretty unpredictably.  Tonight, I cooked the normal Sunday dinner … cheeseburgers on the grill along with a nice green bean and potato dish that makes a great side, had a little wine, just a normal-people weekend.

The burgers were easy for me.  I learned from the master … my dad.  Although I’m a bit more scientific than my dad.  He never had a thermometer to take a burger’s temperature.  He just somehow knew when they were done.  I know there’s a way to just touch them and gauge doneness, but I haven’t really deciphered it yet,  Besides, it’s nice to get the confirmation from the thermometer that the meat is done.  I’m not averse to a medium cheeseburger, but if I can get them done through, which for ground meat is probably safer, seeing 145 on the temp gauge is a nice thing.

Dad cooked by instinct, mostly.  He had recipes for his bread, but as near as I can tell, he didn’t cook much of anything from a recipe.  Come to think of it, I don’t know that mom did either.  In a house full of recipe boxes and stuff cut out of newspapers, I don’t know, other than bread, that one was ever used.  I’m sure there was, but I don’t think I saw it.

Mom had her staples she did.  Pot roast was always a favorite.  Her meatloaf I’ve written about here before.  Her “hot dish” was always a family fave.  Hamburger, elbow macaroni, probably mushroom soup, tomatoes.  She made great chili.

Dad grilled.  Lots.  They used to get half-beefs and put them in the freezer, including these wonderful 2″ thick sirloins that probably went 5 pounds each.  I remember dad making a mustard rub for the steaks that I still enjoy re-creating for not only steak, but chicken and pork as well.  I’ve never tried it on fish … but it might be worth a try on a nice big fish like a salmon. 

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I so enjoy cooking the way I do.  I like to do things just on the fly.  I didn’t ever see anyone using a recipe, so I just don’t. 

Speaking of which, the alarm is going to go off in about 6 hours calling me to the bike, so I need to go get lunch ready for tomorrow and call it a night …


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