Not Geeky Enough

Andie’s computer had been malfunctioning for a couple of weeks.  Something about the print spooler.  It wouldn’t stay loaded.  There was a document stuck in the print cue that had caused something to load incorrectly. 

I work on this for over two hours today.  I was online with HP tech support.  I was trying to re-start the print spooler and get that document out of the cue.  I looked on the Microsoft help network,  where I looked at people who had similar problems.  There were intricate instructions about editing the registry.  I have three words for editing the registry.

Not So Much!

So, we gave in and took the computer back to Circuit City, where we bought it just after Christmas.  The guy at the Firedog desk seemed happy to see us.  He was working on an old, old desktop machine, and was only too glad to put it aside.  He started poking around … and within about 5 minutes … it was fixed. 

NoAlbertsmSo on this day … I was just not geeky enough.  I’ll give myself and Albie.

Somehow, that really doesn’t make me terribly unhappy.  For me, the computer is a tool. I’m not the kind of person that is comfortable poking around in the guts of a computer.  I know just enough to be dangerous, but the good news is I pretty much know my limits.  I know when I’m in over my head, and today I guess I was. 

So the good news is, Andie’s computer is working again, and the guy at Firedog didn’t charge us for the repair.  He said he should have, but didn’t feel like he had worked hard enough to warrant that.  All the repair cost us was gas to get to Circuit City.  Thanks dude.


My stomach still isn’t right.  If it’s not miraculously better when I get up to ride tomorrow morning, I’m going to have to call the doctor. 7 days of diarrhea is too long.

I know, TMI.  But this is my blog, my journal if you will, and it seems like medical things get more hits than anything else.



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