DSC_1333Dulles Airport is not the most wireless-friendly place … at least for my little laptop.  The good news is, I’ve spent so much time trying (unsuccessfully) to diagnose the problem that I’ve managed to kill most of the time between arriving at the airport 2 hours early and boarding.  The guy in the official US Airways suit just showed up.  Maybe we’ll see an airplane shortly.

I would not have missed this event for anything other than my own death … and that’s the truth.  Hopefully in 4 years I’ll be attending another one in Oxford … Ohio.

The good news is, with Windows Live Writer, I can at least get this ready to go and upload it as soon as we get home where I can connect with the wireless LAN at home. 

I told Jen that this brief period between high school and college is sort of like being between games at an improv show.  From the time the host calls “AAAAANNNNDDD SCENE!!!” to the announcement of “Our next game is a game called …” is really short, and you’ve got to be ready to play that quickly.  She’ll have a little vacation, but orientation at Miami (OH) is just a couple of weeks away, then we’ll get to see her again in July, and by mid August, she’ll be back at Band Camp at college.  I’m making a promise to myself that I’m not waiting until she’s a senior to go see her perform with the Miami marching band. 

So, in just a few minutes, we’ll be boarding the aircraft for the first leg of our trip home.  I think I’ll pack all this up and get it ready to go.  In 4 hours or so, we should be back in the friendly confines of The Sunshine State. 

Time to go home.



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