Greetings from Washington, DC IV

Time to go home … almost.

Grad ChickenI think this may have been Jen’s favorite grad gift … other than the checks.  And maybe the upcoming dive trip to Abaco.

The Grad Chicken plays about 10 bars of “Pomp and Circumstance”, and then segues into “The  Chicken Dance”.  It’s not a particularly pretty segue.  In fact, it’s pretty jarring.  And he does try to walk around while he plays these two very disparate tunes.  I think we need to put him up against “Nunzilla” for an animatronic grudge match.  I’ll consider it for a YouTube video.

Honestly, he needs a front counterweight.  He kept falling over backwards.  Perhaps appropriate for The Chicken Dance … but maybe not so much for “Pomp”.

Anyway, the graduation party was this afternoon.  Of course, it was planned for an outdoor garden party, and of course, it rained.  Still, Becky had planned for pretty much every contingency short of a tornado, hurricane, or mid-June blizzard … and had rented a party tent.  Since the rain came mostly straight down, and the tent had only a few tiny holes, we stayed relatively dry under the big top. 

Grad Party

This is only the first wave of Jen’s friends that came out in the rain to help her celebrate.  Lots of Becky’s friends came as well, as did the band director, and several neighbors.  I saw Pete and Margaret Lowenstein for the first time in a long time, as well as Dick and Easter Thompson and their son Travis.  He was the first boy Jen had a crush on … when she was 4 or 5 I think.  Very good to see them.

So now, it’ll be off to college where she’ll grow up some more.  But today was all about celebration and fun … even in the rain.  Of course, pics are posted on Flickr

Tomorrow, we’ll have a fathers day lunch, and then Andie and I will head south.  Back to the friendly confines of The Sunshine State.  I’ve loved being here, and I would not have missed this event for anything.  But I’m ready to go home, sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen, and start getting ready for the summers next events. 

And there are events aplenty.  Watch this space …



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