This Kinda Frightens Me

Think there’s nothing to genetics?  Consider this.

Me Crop 

This is me. 

David Gano took this picture Friday night at Penman Square Market and Cafe.  Click on the pic to link back to his photostream on Flickr.  It’s not a bad shot, and I don’t look too hideous.  When I looked at it, however, I saw this.



This is my dad.  Taken when he was not much younger than I am right now.  I’d expect he was in his late 40’s when this was taken on a sailing trip to The Dry Tortugas.

Yeah, there’s something to this genetics thing. 

I always knew I looked like my dad.  Though when my hair was longer, I thought I favored my mom more.  Now, with my summer ‘do (which I really love), there’s very little doubt where I’m from.

Speaking of the hair, when I was in high school, I had the rock-star long hair thing going on, but it was straight and lifeless and pretty un-rock-star-like.  And, it was in the 70’s, so the big teased ’80’s rock star hair hadn’t quite kicked in yet.

Dad hated it.

Which means I wasn’t going to get it cut for anything.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was a good student, made decent grades, experimented with all the things teenagers experiment with.  But I was keeping my hair.

I’ve gone through several bouts of short and long hair.  In Florida in the summertime, short is better. 

So now, it’s cut short, and I look like him. 

Honestly, that’s not such a bad thing.



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