Ya Think?

So I hit the “Publish” key about 15 minutes too soon on the last post, which meant I need to have something fresh for “today” in WordPress Standard Time, which will heretofore be known on this blog as “WST”.  Fortunately, I have an emergency backup post for today.

Update:  Of course, then I remember that I’ve told them how to correct for GMT … so two posts today.  Oh well …

As I’m sure you know, gas is averaging up around $4.00 a gallon.  You hadn’t heard?  It was in all the papers. 

Anyway, driving home tonight, and this is exactly why I carry the camera everywhere, I was presented with this:

Gas Prices

Yes, it’s a big red truck, being driving by a fairly petite woman. (I could tell from the manicure when she dangled her cigarette out the window)

But just in case you can’t read the sticker on the back of yon dinosaur-gobbler … let me blow it up for you just a bit.

Ya Think

Don’t you just love a side of irony?

I think we can all agree that gas prices stink.  I know I bought half a tank for the ragtop on the way home today, and paid $40.00 for the privilege.  And I can imagine that if you’re driving something that measures it’s fuel economy in gallons per mile, rather than  the other way around, you might REALLY think gas prices stink. 

But you have to ask … is this truck really necessary?  I can’t say for certain that it doesn’t work for a living … but there were no company logos emblazoned on the side, no write-off indicator, and it certainly was well washed and waxed for something that hauls anything for a living … other than the driver.

I could be way off base here.  If that’s your truck, and you’ve got a legitimate need, then by all means, drive what you want to and I apologize.  I have two family members that drive big, well kept trucks with absolutely no indication as to their businesses … and both of them honestly have a need for the vehicles. 

But it was just a little too delicious to pass up …





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