How In The World Did I Avoid a Hangover

Wine Bottles I went back and looked at the pictures I took last night.  Man.  Still, I felt surprisingly good when I got up this morning.  No ill effects at all, in fact.  I guess I just held my face right and managed to not start the day today with a head the size of all outdoors.

This is a good thing.


I can’t say enough about these guys.  Dale, Craig and Matt basically let us have a dinner party at their place, they cooked, they cleaned it up, we brought the wine and the glasses, but nothing else.  And they only charged us the rack rate.  It wasn’t until later that I realized what we’d done to them.  They may rush to lock the doors the next time they see us coming.  But there was other walk-in traffic while we were there.  Nothing like seeing more than a dozen people having a good time. 


So, here’s my shameless plug.  Go visit Penman Square Market and Cafe.  Take something home.  It’s all darn good.  If you need something catered, call ’em.  If you’re too tired to cook, but have a huge date and want to impress … call ’em.  You know, what ever. 

I think they call that “word of blog” advertising.  All of the pics from last night’s party are up on Flickr


So, since I didn’t have a huge hangover this morning, and I’m still scratching my head over that one, I got up and went for a bike ride.  Andie was going to Curves and then to work, and I wanted to get it in before it got too hot … like it is now.

I rode a full marathon.  26 miles and change, down to Micklers Landing and back.  Stepping on the scale after the ride, and before breakfast or coffee, I was down to 216.  This is a good, good thing.  I’ve been out on the back porch under the ceiling fan ever since.  I just couldn’t bring myself to sit in the air conditioning all day again today … it’s what I do all week.  Nice to have the shady porch and fans. 

Of course, that means that summer has settled in here at the beach.  I try to never complain about the heat, though it does get hot.  I walked out on the deck a while ago and nearly burned the soles of my feet.  No, I wasn’t wearing shoes.  It’s Saturday in Florida in the summertime.  I’d never wear shoes if I didn’t have to.

I don’t complain about the heat because I used to complain so bitterly about the cold when I lived in cold climates.  Snow is beautiful for about 20 minutes, and then I’m ready for a palm tree again.  So, as I sit here with the temperature nearly 90 in the shade, with the fans blowing, I’m actually not uncomfortable at all.  This is, after all, why I moved down here … why I always wanted to live in Florida.  I never really imagined it’d be Jacksonville … or Neptune Beach … but there it is. 

So, it’s a pretty lazy weekend.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll get the boat off the rack and go for a swim in the ocean again, or at least ride out bikes down to the beach.  For now, I think I’d better go grab a shower and plan some dinner.



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