Friday Night Supper Club

Ok … so I’ve had a glass of wine too many.  Or maybe two.  Want proof?

Wine Bottles Here you go.

There were 14 of us at Penman Square Market and Cafe tonight.  Maybe 11 of us were drinking wine.  Thank goodness Andie was driving us tonight, because I had no business being behind the wheel.  I did drink my share of these 10 or 11 bottles of wine. 

Chef Craig Dion, Matt, and Dale worked their butts off for us this evening.  It was too hot to have them fire up the big stove, but we got a lot of good stuff off the menu, and just good friends, good food, good wine. 

Joining us tonight, besides Andie and me:Penman Square dinner

Richard and  Elaine Brown.

John Bryan and Carol Resch.

Dana and Theresa Cruz.

Charlie Johnson and Sharon Kimbal.

John and Dana Thomas.

Ted Hauser.

David Gano and  Tom Wilson.

Carols daughter Carrie Resch.

Chef Craig and crew provided the victuals. Chef Craig 6

I’m not in much condition to actually write tonight.  Really.  But we had a great time, the hospitality was outstanding, the food was amazing,

I’ll write more tomorrow.  I have probably over 100 captures to upload to Flickr, both of a bunch of go-loud / go-fast boats, and tonight’s party.  I’ll try to get them all uploaded tonight, or tomorrow for sure.



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