A Bad Start to the Day

This one was really bad.

Crash 2Karen this morning mentioned an accident with injuries on Atlantic Boulevard, but it didn’t seem to be slowing traffic down very much.  That’s not completely unheard of, because often wrecks are cleared before I ever get to them.  This one was off on the side of the road … actually in a parking lot … actually occupying the space where the sign from the strip mall had been probably only a couple of hours earlier.

This is a bad way to start the day.

I don’t know about the extent of the injuries suffered by the driver of this SUV.  There was another car involved, but the damage to it was far less significant, and I didn’t have a good angle on it anyway.  It WAS still in the turn lane on Atlantic and we were a little slow getting past the accident.

I had to stop at the light anyway, so I grabbed the camera and …

Crash 1

I didn’t see the accident happen, but you don’t have to be a CSI to figure out that there was excessive speed involved here.  Maybe a driver trying to beat a light who didn’t make it.  All I know is, the SUV was completely out of the road up in the parking lot and it completely demolished the 15 foot sign that was there. 

And all before 8:00 in the morning.

There’s a lot of impatience these days.  I was on the last mile of my ride this morning, and I’ll admit I was pretty much taking up the whole road, but I didn’t think anyone was behind me, and I was trying to avoid some pretty good bumps where the street had been repaired.  I turned and glanced behind me and noticed a car was there, so I got back over to the right as quickly as I could without being dangerous.  As she went past me, I heard her trying to chew me out, but thankfully I had the earphones from my MP3 in my ears, so it pretty much sounded like a Charlie Brown adult.


And before you give me a lot of grief about the Sansa while I ride, I turn it down darn low specifically so I can hear things coming up behind me. 

I’ve done pretty well this week, BTW.  I’ve ridden 68 miles in 4 days.  Tomorrow, I have to be at the office early for Week in Review, so I won’t be able to ride in the morning.  I’ll mow the grass tomorrow afternoon instead.  My legs need a bit of a break anyway.

I’ve got meatloaf on the grill … actually small, individual meatloaves, of which I’ll post a couple of pics of and the recipe later tonight.  I’ve never done meatloaf on the grill before, but I’m think 350 in the oven and 350 on the grill is pretty much the same … except for the smokey charcoal goodness … and the kitchen doesn’t heat up from the oven.  This time of year, and for the duration of the summer and fall, that’s an important consideration. 

Meanwhile, try to avoid starting your day like this person did today.  I know I do.



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