Slow on the Shutter

It was a great day to be out on the ocean for a while.  Rollers about 2 feet, light winds, water about 81 degrees.  A good thing for my funk, which has been with me for a few days.  About a half mile offshore off Amelia Island, we just stopped the boat, shut off the engine, and went overboard.  Other than some cannonball jellies floating around, it was perfect.  I do love a nice swim in the ocean. 

But my photography skills were lacking today. 

Dolphin 3 We took a side trip up the Intercoastal waterway, killing time until the tide came back up enough to allow us to get the boat into the lift slip.  There was a pod of dolphins playing in the waterway, and I couldn’t get a decent shot to save my life.

Still, click on the picture to see a larger version on Flickr and look at how low the tide was this afternoon.  the sign you see in the background is usually in the middle of the water, and you can see it’s clearly on “dry” land.  The normal waterline is where you see the grasses.  There was still 9 feet of water in the channel, but the sailboat that was aground found a pretty shallow spot.  I knew we’d be able to get back to the lift when the tide picked him up and allowed him to sail away.  But seeing the boat with full sails up not moving … I knew that captain’d found some thin water.dolphin 4

 Still, the one decent closeup I got was pretty OK.  I had a shot at some really good ones, when the dolphin were literally 5 feet from the boat.  But I was just too slow.  Maybe next time.

We did see the coolest little boat, though.  I’ve seen them at boat shows, but never had seen one on the water. 

Funky Boat

It’s mostly a couple of pontoons with an seats and an engine.  I like the bimini top and rocket launchers for fishing rods.  But check out the 30 horsepower engine and big ‘ol gas tanks on this little guy.  I don’t even really know how it’s steered. But I’ll bet when that engine winds out, it flat flies.  I just wouldn’t want to be aboard trying to steer around the wakes of the floating condos that regularly ply the ICW.  Something tells me it’s a flat water-low traffic little vessel.

But what fun.






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