Rachel Ray and Text Message Marketing

I’ll just say it right up front.  Michelle Malkin needs to take a Xanax.  Or maybe two or three.  This kerfuffle over Rachel Ray’s scarf RRbeing a keffieyeh … and that Dunkin Donuts actually pulled an Internet ad because the MICHELLE thought the scarf looked like a  keffieyeh, is simply stupid … IMHO.

You be the judge. 

It looks like a scarf to me.  But what do I know.  I’m not a hot-shot fire-breathing conservative blogger.  But I have to agree with Business Week.  All you have to read is the headline.

Dunkin Donuts Move To Pull Ad Is Cowardly and Ridiculous

That absolutely says it all.  I went ahead and linked to the article, just in case you want to read it. 

Still, it looks like the ad was done on the cheap.  If she’s not standing in front of a green screen, I’m not on television every week.

Here’s a news flash, Michelle.  Sometimes a scarf is just a scarf, and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  I know I’ll never be writing for “Hot Air” with thoughts like that, but I didn’t ever really expect to be writing for “Hot Air” .  And, since I’m not a regular patron of Dunkin Donuts , because don’t eat a lot of donuts … trying to lose some weight … and I make good coffee at home, I don’t have a lot of reason to stop there anyway.  So not going to DD is not going to be a great hardship to the company.  Sorry, DD.  You still should have kept the ad. 


Speaking of ads, they started showing up as text messages on my cell phone.  I actually read the one that came today, and there was an “opt out” instruction that I took advantage of.  This one was for generic hurricane supplies.  Now, hurricane season starts next week, and there’s already a tropical storm in the Pacific basin … but I don’t want to be interrupted by constant text message ads on my phone.  GM Geezerman still longs for the day when a telephone is a communications device.  I like the ability to make calls, and I like the ability to text message when you don’t really need to call.  But don’t send me ads as text messages. 

AT&T has pretty much ruined Cingular anyway.  Calls constantly dropped, or won’t go through at all.  I sit in my living room and have very poor reception, and have a difficult time hearing people when they call.  Back when Cingular had the service, it was far from perfect, but at least I had a chance of getting through a phone call without saying “What?”, or “call me on the landline”, or “I’m losing you”.  Particularly sitting on the couch in my living room.  It seems like it happens on EVERY call any more.  And for the privilege, they want to send me ads as text messages? 

Not so much. 



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