Funky Bird and One-Eyed Jack

Pond Bird 5As I was leaving the office this afternoon, an unusual-looking bird caught my eye.  He had a head that looked kind of like a penguin, with the expression of a little old man, and the body of a small shore bird.  Based on the markings, and the tuft of feather at the back of his head, I THINK he’s a juvenile Great Blue Heron … but I don’t know that for sure.

The picture in the bird book doesn’t bear that out.  If you have any idea, leave me a comment.

Pond Bird 4

Update:  Apteryx Australis on Flickr identifies him as a Yellow Crowned Night Heron.  I’d never seen one before.

Just standing there, beside the retention pond in front of the station.  He (or she) didn’t seem the least bit concerned when I stopped the car from my mad dash out of the office and grabbed the camera bag.  This is exactly why I’ve taken to carrying it with me pretty much every day.  Well, that and I want to be ready when the UFO is hovering over the Matthews Bridge.  But with the sunlight so intense this afternoon, despite the forecast of passing drizzly showers, he stood as tall as he could, and kind of begged me to make him a star.  Well, posting his picture of Flickr is about as close as I can come to that.

But when you look at his pics big, particularly the first one at the top of the page, his stare is so intense.  And his downy feathers, which along with his size lead me to believe he’s a juvenile, just give him that little old man scraggly beard look that made me stop the car.

Lucas 5   Meanwhile, the reason I was bolting from work was the occasion of my nephew Lucas’ 15th birthday, and we were invited to join he, Busy and  Tim for dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack.  Lucas, I remember being 15, and wanting to wear my hair that way.  Really, I do.  I’m not sure why, but you can just expect pictures like this one, which I’m officially titling “One Eye’s Jack Lucas” 

His dad and I are trying hard to convince him to get it cut short for the summer, but I remember adults trying every argument in the book to get me to cut my hair when I was a kid, and I wasn’t having any part of it. 

HBD, dude.

On an unrelated note, the blog had it’s best day “yesterday”, which in WordPress GMT days ended a couple of hours ago, at 57 page views.  The most views were of a post I wrote back in March about some particularly nasty thunderstorms moving through the area that day.  Go figure.  Maybe it was the animated GIF’s of the radar on that page.  Whatever it was, thanks for the traffic.  I hope you’re all enjoying reading as much as I am writing.

UPDATE.  I figured out where all that traffic was coming from.  Fox News apparently blogs using WordPress.   they did a story about tornadoes in Iowa today.  I checked the “Referrers” in my stats, and tracked back to the site.  My post “Stormy Weather”, which mentions a tornado in March here in Florida, was among the “Possibly Related Posts”.  Cool.  Makes my stats look good, anyway.  Maybe they’ll poke around a little bit, or maybe they’ll just say “this is lame”, and surf away. 

Taking side bets?


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