Reality TV I Like

There are actually a couple of them.  One, which just started a couple of weeks ago, is Last Comic Standing.  I’ve always been a fan of good standup.  The other, which is getting going again soon, is “Next Food Network Star”, which everyone tells me I should audition for, but that’s another post.

I Like “Last Comic” because standup is so hard.  When you look at reality shows like “Step it up and Dance” or “Project Runway”, this is what these people do for a living.  Even “Top Chef”, which I like, it’s what they do.  What I dislike about so many of these shows is that they throw all these strong personalities into close living quarters in hopes of generating conflict.  Even in “Next Food Network Star”, they try to generate conflict in the living situation.  On “NFNS”, at least some of the contestants are not professional chefs. 

But on “Last Comic Standing”, it’s all about the comedy.  Just a guy, or a girl, standing in front of an audience, with a microphone.  Not even the safety net of an ensemble like we had with Improv.  And they don’t force all the contestants into a house trying to create conflict.  The other thing I’m not real fussed with on all those other shows is the often fakey challenges they throw at the contestants trying to screw them up. 

But “Last Comic” is just comedians and a microphone.  Be funny or go home. 

Of course, the DVR makes it watchable.  Skip through the commercials.  And I still hate the dramatic pauses as they announce the winners.  but I can live with that.

I guess maybe it’s because standup is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I’ve never had the nerve.  But I certainly appreciate what it takes.  I think that’s why I like “Next Food Network Star” as well.  It’s not just about the cooking … it’s also about being on television.  I can certainly appreciate that.

So, I’ll be watching “Last Comic Standing”.  It’s reality TV without the fake drama, and some darn good comedy.



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