Penman Square Market and Cafe II

Chef Craig 4 We went back.  You knew we would.  And we’ll go back often.  Chef Craig was in the house tonight, back from a bout of walking pneumonia.  Not as much in the cases as the last time, but they’re planning to be closed part of the holiday weekend … so they were “a little light”, as Craig put it.  Still, there was food, it was good, and we had a very nice time.

JB 1

JB, as is his wont, brought the wine.  An interesting little Spaniard called “Hey Mambo”, and the mystery unlabeled bottle. The cork revealed it to be a ’95 Johnston Winery Helena View blend that we were afraid would turn as we drank it … but it didn’t.  It was the special reserve, and was really good. 

So yes, the food was quite good, as always.  I had a half a fried chicken with mac and cheese … but half the half chicken is resting comfortably in the fridge.

Chix and Mac 1

 Before the chicken, there was a french onion soup and Craigs’ signature spinach salad.  Andie had the turkey loaf and John enjoyed the Penne Pasta.  Nobody walked away hungry,

We’re very happy Chef Craig is back with someplace to cook.  Something tells me we’re going to have some fun at the Penman Square Market and Cafe.


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