Staring at a Blank Page

Nothing outraged me today, nothing pissed me off, nothing really caught my interest … it was just one of those kinds of days.

Traffic’s been good on the site, but I think that’s because I made good use of tags and wrote about contemporary things.  Thanks to everyone who’s been reading. 

But for tonight, I’m kind of dry.  Oil is still going up, politics is still a mess, and we had leftovers for dinner.

Ok … something just pissed me off.  It’s amazing sometimes how a plan comes together.

The Wii Fit.

I actually thought about this a while ago.  There’s something just fundamentally wrong about selling a $350 video game system to try to get people to exercise who’ve become overweight from sitting on their butts playing video games.  Or maybe it’s the most brilliant marketing ever. 

I mean seriously.  You’ve sold people something that encourages them to just sit on his (or occasionally her) butt and stare at a box.  Then, you sell them add-ons to the box to encourage them to … stare at the box, but get exercise.  I know, there’s been a massive market in exercise videos, but this is additional hardware, software, the works.  And like so many things devoted to home exercise … it only works if you use it. 

But it’s a sad commentary that it might take a Wii Fit to try to get people moving.  Go outside and take a walk, fercryinoutinthedark.  Ride a bike, play basketball, and not just with your thumbs, ride a skateboard, and not just with your thumbs.  Just get out and MOVE. 

Now, I’m the first to admit I’ve come late to the exercise thing.  And I guess if a Wii Fit helps someone get some exercise, that’s not a bad thing.  And I guess I’ve got to hand it to the Wii people for coming up with it.  No different than spending a bunch of money on a treadmill or elliptical trainer or bicycle … as long as it gets used.

Speaking of which … I have to go get a new inner tube for my bike tomorrow.  Another flat.




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