Ride Your Bike to Work Day

And I didn’t.  But bear with me.  I have a good reason.  Actually two or three.

Bike sm Regular readers of this blog (both of you) know I really enjoy bicycling.  I have a nice bike and it’s how I get most of my exercise.  Here we see my bike on a back road in Indiana last summer.  I strapped it to the back of the car and hauled it up there with me when I had to go for the wrongful death mediation.  I like my bike.

Now, it’s about 10 miles from my house to work, so riding to work and back would be a good 20 mile day.  And that’s not outside the realm of doable for me.  I often ride 20 miles without stopping to work an 8 hour day in the middle.  So the distance is not an issue.

The principal reason I don’t ride it to work … ?Traffic 2

The Matthews Bridge. I go across this bridge twice a day almost every work day.  And this picture is pretty representative of the traffic that’s often on the bridge.  When it’s not at a dead standstill, the cars are racing over this narrow span at 45-60 miles per hour.  No shoulder, no bike lane, nothing but a short metal guard rail to prevent me from being hurled over the side at the top of the span 110 feet to the river.

No Thanks.

And there’s no way to get from my house to my office without going across a bridge.  It simply can’t be done.  This is the closest of them, and when you’re biking to work, that’s pretty important.

Now I suppose I could ride to Regency mall and catch the bus there.  Most of the Metro buses in this city have a bike rack on the front for just such a purpose.  That’d be fine, but it brings me to reason 2.

After a 10 mile ride, I need a shower.  I don’t think I’m going to do it in a shirt and tie. (Ride, not shower.  Sometimes I really need an editor)

Reason 3? Time.  Honestly, it probably wouldn’t take too much more time most days to ride than it does to drive … if I could blast through the stoplights.  On Atlantic Boulevard, that’d be pretty dangerous.  There IS bike lane along a lot of the road, but when it gets into town, west of 9A, it gets pretty narrow.  And then again, the cars are blasting along.  Probably not a good environment to ride.  Meanwhile, I’d have to ride to the bus stop, wait for the but, take the bus in the same traffic as all the stopped cars to the main bus terminal on Union street, then ride back a mile or so to work.  I’m not sure I have that kind of commuting time every day.  Not to mention, then I’d have to get myself put together to work.

So there it is.  Good for the League of American Bicyclists for promoting a healthy and green alternative to commuting. If I lived in town, I’d ride my bike to work pretty regularly, I think.  If it was a couple of miles from my San Marco house to the station, boo-yah.  I’m all about it.  But for all the things I love about living at the beach, unfortunately, biking to work is just not practical.  So, I guess I’m stuck with my convertible.




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