Stealth Boat Update

I wrote a while back that there was a really cool boat at the marina, but I was without the Mighty Nikon and only had my phone cam to take her picture.  Little did I think that she’d still be there two weeks later, but sure enough, when I went to go play Saturday, there she was.  And this time, I was prepared.

Stealth Boat 1 It looks like a cross between a jet and a truck … floating on the water.  I shot these as I idled away from the launching dock, but the boat is right out there for all to see.  Of course, they don’t let you go inside, and I’m sure after two weeks tied up at Jacksonville Marina, they’re used to gawkers and paparazzi.

There are two water jets in the stern, much like a jetski on steroids.  I’m guessing that means there are two engines.  I’m sure her top speed is classified.  It always if for Navy vessels. 

I don’t find this one anywhere online.  I don’t know if that means is something new, or I’m just not looking in the right place.  Stealth Boat A

But it is cool looking.  I never know if I can approach the guys that are attached to a boat like this and ask them some questions.  The journalist in me shouldn’t be concerned about such things, but I didn’t go ask.  I was way more interested in getting my boat in the water and getting some pictures.  But I’m really glad to have these higher-res captures of this unique vessel.

I captured a lot of images of boats last Saturday.  Over the next few days, we’ll go from this ultra-modern and sophisticated stealth technology to the most basic precept of getting from one place to another across the water.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.



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