Party Quirks II

New Name 1 (I actually had this finished last night to post and keep the string alive … but WordPress was having technical issues, and I was unable to get it to upload.  I don’t count that as missing a day.  Meh.)

I finally got it done.  The company I ordered the boat graphics from was pretty great.  I placed the order on Tuesday, and by Friday, I had the lettering.  It shipped literally the same day.  I’ll go find the card and post an update with the link to the site.

Getting the name on the boat could not have been easier.  OK … it could have been, if the wind hadn’t been blowing 20 knots.  But I watched the online video, and it was as easy in real life as it looked on the vid.

New Name 2

I ordered the lettering 24 inches long … which is 1/10 the length of the boat.  It was a guess, but for a boat this size, it really works well.  Sometimes, I think, the graphics overwhelm the boat they’re on, but this, for me at least, just works.  It’s there, it’s visible, but it doesn’t draw your eye away from the lines of the boat, which is classic.

First, I treated the hull with some alcohol just to get any dirt and wax off the gelcoat.  That’s important to help the lettering stick to the hull.

Then, place the sheet and tape it in place.  Peel back half, cut away the backing, and stick it down using the enclosed tool.

Then fold back the second half and peel off the backing … sticking the lettering down with the squeegee tool as you go.

New Name 3 It honestly took about 10 minutes per side, and looks really professional, IMHO. 

I remember the old boat graphics I’d always gotten for the sailboats I’d owned.  The went on like decals from the old ship and airplane models I used to build.  You had to soak them in water and slide them off the backing onto the hull … smoothing as you went.  It was always just an ordeal to get it done, and make it look like anything.  Not to mention it had a bad habit of not sticking very well.

I think these letters are on to stay.

New Name 11

After installing the lettering, I had them drop the boat in the water, and I went to take some pictures.  I poked up a little creek just off the river that I’d never explored before, and shot dozens of pictures, as I always do.  They’re uploading now to Flickr … so I’ll link them up later.

I took pictures at dinner tonight at Penman Market, which is Craig Dion’s new place.  Those aren’t even uploading yet.

The weather is supposed to be crappy tomorrow, so I’m glad I got the boat off the rack today.  Being on the water always makes me feel better, and I didn’t feel bad going in.  And now … after almost 6 years, she finally has a name.  The only thing missing was the cheap bubbly to smash on her bow … and I wouldn’t have wanted to chip the gelcoat anyway.



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