Friday Night

And nothing much is going on.  I haven’t been out to take any pictures in a couple of weeks.   Work’s been pretty, well, worky, and so here I am with not a lot to say.

My boat graphics came today, so I’ll be at the marina tomorrow finalizing that project.  They look really nice, and I think it’s going to look great on the boat.  As I’ve said before, it’s high time the boat had a name. 


Wreck 7

Somebody finally salvaged this boat.  I was crossing the Atlantic Boulevard bridge the other day, and looked over as I pretty much always do.  It was gone.  That, or somebody came and took the mast off her.  But I’ve got a feeling she finally got pulled off the mud.  I shudder to think what condition she was in when they finally pulled her out … but the good news is, fiberglass is just plastic, really.  It’s cleanable.  Of course, if there were any cushions or anything else fabric on the boat, it’ll just need to be replaced.  It might be that she’ll just be hauled off to a salvage yard somewhere.  That’d be pretty sad, but I can certainly see it happening.

Old Boat BW

This one is still there, however.  Anchored up in the little creek, waiting for someone to come claim her.

The wind today was out of the west, blowing hard.  The boats still anchored in that creek were all facing into the wind, and several were dangerously close to winding up in the mud like the one just salvaged. 

It seems like an ever-changing landscape of abandoned or derelict  along the ICW.  From all the construction that’s gone on, there were a few construction barges that had been left aground.  Some are tied up at docks, some riding at anchor for what ever reason.  I’d speculate that it’s mostly because the owners can’t or don’t want to pay a marina for storage.  The downside to that is, sometimes the boats don’t stay where they’re put … so they wind up in the mud, and you haven’t saved a nickel.  Kinda makes it sound like the slip fee is worth it.


So, I guess with that, I’ll call it a night.  I hope to have the graphics in place tomorrow, and I’ll have the camera along so it can go in the record tomorrow.



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