Party Quirks

I finally ordered my boat graphics today, but I probably won’t have them until next week, so I won’t be able to decorate the boat until next weekend.  Oh well, it’s waited this long, so we can wait a little longer.


So there we go.  Not too bad, and I think it’ll look great on the boat.

Oh, you don’t know Party Quirks?  It’s an improv guessing game.  Here’s how it works.

A player is designated the party host.  He or she is sent out of the room.  Then, the show host asks the audience for suggestion for quirks or personalities for the other players, who will be the guests.  Maybe it’s a celebrity, or a well-known local person.  Then, if the show host if feeling particularly evil, he or she can twist the personality.  So you wind up with Benjamin Franklin with an Oedipus complex.  Or  a person who becomes hyperactive at the mention of a vacuum cleaner.  Then, the party host is called back into the room, and the guests enter one by one.  The host has to guess the quirks or personalities of the guests.  It can be darn funny, and very entertaining.

So that’s why I picked it for the boat name.  It’s … quirky.  It’s unpredictable, and it’s darn entertaining.  And I think it’ll do my boat proud.


GMMeanwhile, Geezerman made a return visit today.  It was almost as bad as “you kids get off my lawn”. 

There are several rental houses in this neighborhood, and one of them … three houses down … has an enormous stereo in the garage.  Lots of people in this neighborhood kinda live in their garages.  TV’s, stereos, drum kits, home gyms, everything but a car. 

Well, the guys … probably 20-somethings … had some metal head-banging music just cranked in the garage.  To the point that sitting in our living room, with the window open, it was at about the level that we usually have the TV or the stereo.  We debated whether to close the window … but I shouldn’t have to close the window to not have to “enjoy” their tunes.

Now, I’m no stranger to ear-bleeding rock & roll.  And I have the hearing damage to prove it.  But I had to go say something.  I’d been out on a ride, and was still in my bike shorts and jersey when I walked over.  And I’ll admit, I was a little snarky about it.  “Guys, the entire neighborhood doesn’t necessarily appreciate your taste in music”.  They said “all you had to do was ask us to turn it down a bit”.  Which is kinda what I did, but in a sarcastic way, I guess.  As I walked away, they closed the garage door and cranked it up.  As long as the door was closed … the neighborhood was quiet.

I was out getting the grill going when he came over to explain himself, I guess.  He told Andie that “the only reason he heard it was because he’d just ridden by”.  Andie let him know that we had to debate closing the window.  He acted surprised that we could hear it, and that three of the neighbors were over listening to it as well.  But when he found out we could really hear it, he was apologetic.  At least that’s what Andie said.

So, I had to be Geezerman.  But I left college long ago, where blasting stereos were the norm.  I bought a nice house in what was a quiet neighborhood, and I intend to keep it that way.




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