Things I Like About Living at The Beach VI

Springtime.  It’s spring at the beach, and it really doesn’t get much better than this.  Well, if we could get rid of the mosquitoes and no-see-ums, it’d be perfect.

Frog It’s the time of year when the frogs come out from hibernation, and start to sing.  The moat behind us is full of frogs, and this time of year, they’re all trying to make little frogs.  Always after a good rain, it sounds like there are thousands in the moat behind the house.  Sometimes, when there is 6 inches of water in the ditch, the herons and egrets hunt the frogs in the moat.  I’ve still not gotten completely used to seeing them stalking frogs in the moat while the traffic goes roaring by.  The birds are not the least bit interested in the traffic.  They concentrate solely on the ditch, waiting for that hint of movement that says “lunch”.  Then, with surprising speed, they hit the water and lift their heads up high.  If they’ve done well, a frog is on its way down the birds throat. 

As the weather warms and the wind turns more from the south, the bike rides can get longer.  I really enjoy riding down to Sawgrass and back, a 20+ mile ride depending on which route I take.  I can still ride in the afternoons this time of year.  In another month, I’ll have to shift to riding in the morning, because the afternoons will be oppressively hot.  But right now, the afternoons are nice.  Other than the traffic. 

It’s also perfect convertible weather.  Driving into work in the cool of the morning with the top down makes getting to work just a little less traumatic.  Not that I ever hate going to work, because I don’t, and that’s the truth.  But there’s something about the wind in your hair and the cool morning air that makes it just a bit less like going to work.  

But perhaps the best thing about this time of the year is dining on the deck.  We grill all year ’round, but this time of the year, you can just sit on the deck or patio and enjoy the sunset and the air as it cools.  It’s always 5-10 degrees cooler out here than it is literally a mile inland.  And in the winter, it’s always a touch less cold.  It’s that 3000 mile wide heat sink just to the east that helps level things out.  Right now, the water temperature is hovering right around 70 degrees. and that really helps.  So tonight, with a pork roast on the grill that went just over 7 pounds and a couple of nice sides pre-made, we were able to sit on the deck and have a nice, nice dinner.

Mom’s in town to get things arranged in her place at Fleet Landing, and my cousin Mike and his wife Linda came over to see her.  Busy, Tim, and Lucas were here as well, and Andie’s mom stopped by in time for a slice of Key Lime Pie.  I made everything but the pie, which I slaved over a hot debit card to bring to the table.  But the evening could not have been nicer.  Just pleasant temperatures, light winds, and a lot of family in the house. 

I had a great time cooking, it all turned out really well, and everyone had a great time.  That’s what it’s all about.

I’ve lived here now for 8 years.  Busy, Tim, and Lucas had been here about 6 months, I think, when Tim and Lucas were out with me on the boat, and Tim said “Can I ask you something?”  I said yes, and he asked “When does it stop feeling like you’re on vacation?”  I said “I’ll let you know.”

It hasn’t happened yet.




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