Keeping the String Alive

With just 38 minutes to go in the day, I need to get something posted to keep the unbroken string alive.  I don’t know what I have to say, but I’m going to say in none the less.

I made it out on the bike today for 21 and a half miles.  A nice ride down to Sawgrass and back.  With any luck, I’ll do it again tomorrow.  It always feels good to be back on the bike, but I need to be a lot more consistent about it.  3 times a week probably isn’t going to help me lose a lot of weight.


The tooth I had repaired Monday still hurts.  Like a lot unless I keep it knocked down with non-aspirin pain reliever.  If it’s not much better by the time I go in and have the cleaning done, I’ll ask him about it.  I know it sometimes takes a while for the tooth nerve to settle down after it’s been gouged around, so I’m hoping it’ll stop hurting sometime in the next few days.  It’s particularly bad when I eat something cold, but tonight, it just started to throb without any real provocation.  Here’s hoping it’ll ease up in the next few days.


I learned a new photography term this week.  David Gano has started a group on Flickr called “Bokeh of the Day“.  The term “Bokeh” has to do with the soft focus you get in the background, and sometimes the foreground, of an extreme close up picture.  There’s also something about the way the light plays and makes circles and smooth lines without sharp edges … it’s all a bit esoteric to me.  But he invited me to join, and some of my captures are pretty good representations of the technique.

Bokeh 1

This was the photo that prompted him to invite me to join.  I like taking pictures like this.  A nice macro effect, the detail of the flower in very sharp focus, and the background all in soft focus.  You can see a lot more examples of the technique at the link above.  It’s an interesting group.

So, that’s about all I’ve got.  Mike and Linda are coming for Sunday dinner tomorrow since Mom’s here. We’re doing everything we can to be sure she’s very comfortable with her coming move.  She seems to be pretty OK with the concept, but it will be and adjustment for all of us to have her here. 

Time to post to make the midnight deadline.  I’ll try to have something more substantive tomorrow.



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