What Were They Thinking

Some businesses just shouldn’t be allowed to be next door to one another …

Meat Market

Somehow, having the “Just for Lovers” store next door to the “Meat Market” seems a little redundant.  But there it is.  Right there on Beach Boulevard across from Sam’s Club and the Post Office.

I guess that’s at least one business that an “adult” store can be close to without drawing the ire of the Baptists and the neighbors.  Also in the strip is Sala Thai … where we had lunch today. 

I’ve never quite understood the blue laws here.  Strip clubs are allowed, but if there’s nudity, there can be no alcohol.  Having not been to a strip club, or a “bikini bar” in Jacksonville, I’m not sure how they make that work, but I guess they do, as there seem to be several of them around.

Bikini Bars, on the other hand, can serve alcohol, but there’s no nudity involved.  Go figure.

Stores like this one I also think can’t be within 2500 feet of a school or church, or any church property.  I guess that goes to the the whole “the flesh is weak” thing. 


On an unrelated note, other than restaurants in storefronts like Sala Thai … Chef Craig Dion is back.  Craig was the owner/proprietor/chef at a place called 6 Burner, which was over in the Pubix shopping plaza in Atlantic Boulevard.  He closed shortly after the Super Bowl, and has been over at Turtle Market after a short stint as a landscaper.  Craig had been the executive chef at Dolphin Depot before 6 Burner.  Andie and I used to go into 6 Burner once every week or so.  The food was expensive (for our budget) but it was really, really good, and you could sit in the kitchen area and watch Craig cook.  We got to know him and the staff pretty well.

So, Craig has now opened a place on Penman Road called Penman Square Market and Cafe.  He’ll cook and sell it to you to take home to heat and eat, or he and Matt will serve it to you on one of the 6 or so tables in the Cafe.  The stove still has 6 burners.  And now the cafe has 6 tables.  I hope he does well.  They were just closing up tonight as we stopped by, and Craig wasn’t at the store.  But we’ll hopefully go in for dinner next weekend, and I’ll let you know if the Pittsburgh Prime Rib is still as good as it was.


Tomorrow is Saturday, and I’m hoping to be on the bike in the morning.  That means I should heed the clarion call of the pillowtop mattress.

Prone is good.



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