Good Customer Service

Since I railed about the poor customer service I received buying my camera, I thought it was only fair that I relate a good customer service story.

continentalLogo I booked a vacation today, and made a mistake on my reservation.  As we all know, changing a non-refundable reservation can be expensive and frustrating.  I expected to pay ticket change charges.  I swallowed hard when my customer service rep told me what the charge was going to be.  Then, the good news.

“Let me see what I can do”, Ann said, as she pecked at her keyboard.  Long story short, she waived the ticket change fees.  Saved me over $300 dollars on tickets for the three of us.  I wound up paying what I would have anyway for the tickets to the right airport.  That’s a very important thing.  So thanks, Ann, for going the extra mile and making me a happy customer.

Customer service is so often lost.  It’s kind of rare that you find someone who is (a) in this country and (b) willing to offer you something they don’t have to.  I think maybe the first part is 99% of the battle.  The people sitting in a boiler room in Bhopal that barely speak English are simply working from a script and don’t have any inclination or incentive to try to make a customer happy.  If what you need deviates from their script, it’s been my experience that they continue to repeat the same line over and over again.  They have no authority to deviate from the script, and the home office is thousands of miles away. 

But even when you do get someone here, it’s difficult sometimes to find someone who cares.  Tonight’s experience was a breath of fresh air. 


And with that, there’s not a lot going on tonight.  Nothing much caught my eye, I don’t have any great insights (not that I do anyway), pretty boring.  I haven’t even taken any pictures of anything recently.  But, at least there’s something for May Day.  Tomorrow’s Week in Review, and Mom’s in town, so we’ll be spending some time this weekend at Fleet Landing.  It’ll all be good.




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  1. lucidconfusions

    Hi..enjoyed your post. It is always a pleasure to get good customer service. So congrats! In today’s world, it is quite an rarity!

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