Stealth Boat and Summer Travel Roulette

I went to the marina for about an hour yesterday, to finish the radio installation.  I knew the four little tabs weren’t enough to hold the radio in the console, but I’d somehow hoped it’d be OK.  I was wrong.  It fell halfway out on the trip to Fernadina.

I tried suspending the radio chassis from the top of the console inside, but the adhesive wasn’t cooperating.  Tim warned me that it didn’t really matter what adhesive I tried … what I really needed to do was support it from the bottom. 

I’m proud to say, I engineered and fabricated a solution that I think was pretty elegant, and I had everything I needed when I got there to do the job.  It only took an hour, and I think the radio’s not going anywhere. 

So I looked up from my boat as I was cleaning  up, and there was the strangest, coolest looking vessel out at the diesel dock.

04-27-08_1707 I picked the wrong day to decide not to take my Nikon to the marina with me.  All I had was my camera phone, which is why it’s all fuzzy.  Judy at the marina said it was a Navy Seal boat.  Stealth technology, some kind of radar-absorbing hull like the stealth fighters and bombers … the classic light and dark gray paint for camouflage, and it just looks like jet with no wings … floating in the water.  There was a larger compartment in the stern that is where the seals ride into deployment.  I wish I’d had a better camera.  This is a bit like taking pics of the UFO … all fuzzy and mysterious.  But is was really, really interesting.  Of course, they didn’t want you to take pics of the inside.

This is why I drag the camera almost everywhere.  I won’t leave it at home ever again when I go to the marina.  You never know what you’re going to find.


Meanwhile … I was booking a flight to DC for Jenni’s graduation the other day, trying to go through Yahoo travel.  I’d found the flights, decent times, OK price, like $550 for both of us round trip … and went to click “purchase”.  and I got the message “We’re sorry, the price for this trip has changed.”  The lowest available price was quoted as over $2,000.  Not a chance on the planet.  I went directly to the airline web site and booked the flight for the price I had seen originally.  But for god’s sake, how does that change that much that fast.  I’ve got more to book, and I need to do that soon.  God knows what $120+ per barrel oil is going to do to the cost of airline tickets.  I just want to get it all locked in … sort of like buying travel futures. 

It may be the last of the travel for a while until the situation with oil prices and airline bankruptcies settles down.  But fewer people like me traveling may mean more airline problems.  Andie and I still want to go to Italy.  We never did get a honeymoon.  But until the dollar is stronger against the Euro, that may not happen either. 

Soooo many things to consider.  Oh well, we can’t afford to go to Europe at this point anyway.  Maybe by the time we can … it’ll be better. 



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