More in Black and White

It’s been quiet week here in Lake Woebegone By-The-Sea.  (Again, with apologies to Garrison Keillor).  The Carrier preview was pretty much the only thing to break up the week.  Everything else was pretty much normal.  Tomorrow, I’m moderating a panel at Much Ado About Books, and Carl Hiasson is the luncheon speaker.  Then we have a 60th B-Day party for Andie’s mom in the late afternoon.  So Saturday’s pretty much booked.  Right now, nothing’s on the books for Sunday.

So with that, I took a couple more of what I think are my more interesting photographs and converted them to black and white.  Sunset 0325 27 BW


This is an interesting shot in color.  Black and white makes it a much different photograph.  It’s better viewed in it’s big size.  This is bit grainy. 

Then, I want back to the falling-down shed I shot up by Fernadina.

Shed Ruin 3 BW

This looks so cool in black and white.  Nothing makes a ruin look more forlorn than taking away all the color.

So, things are pretty calm.  Not a lot to blog.  Some days are like that.  And, I want to get it posted before midnight to keep the string alive.  I’m closing in on two months without missing a day.  I will eventually, but hopefully not soon.


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