Pledge NotesI got some exceptionally good news today.  Our on-air fundraising campaign raised $155,737.  That’s $12,000 over our goal.  Our listeners were extraordinarily generous this time around, and when ever this happens, I’m just in awe of what we’re able to accomplish.  So, if you’re a local person reading this, and you made a pledge to the station, thank you for your faith in us to continue to provide the best radio station we can.   If you’re reading from somewhere else in the United States … and you made a pledge to your local station … thank you on their behalf.  You done good.

Still, it sets a very high bar for the future.  There is nothing like being a victim of ones own success.  Still, I know you’ll come through.  You always have.


I’ve been watching the ‘John Adams” series on HBO.  On my DVR … not when they wanted me to watch it.  I have been very impressed with this latest HBO historical costume drama … though it hasn’t been nearly so sexy as “Rome”.  It wasn’t intended to be.  From what I understand, it’s fairly historically accurate.  But it does skip huge chunks of time in a effort to get it all in in 7 episodes … some of them nearly 90 minutes.  But Andie and I each have one complaint bout the “epic mini-series”.  Andie hates the buzzing flies.  It seems that there were flies EVERYWHERE.  And they seemed to be always buzzing near a microphone. 

I know, it was sweetening.  They made those flies buzz.  I didn’t really notice it until she pointed it out.

I hate … and I mean hate … the cockeyed camera angles they used on so many of the establishing shots.  Too many shots of buildings at a 20 degree angle for really no apparent reason.  I’m sure the director thought it added something … but for me, it just looked like amateur film night. 

The work has received some harsh criticism from some quarters.  But it has, I think, been well worth the investment in time. 


Not much else to say tonight.  And, it’s about time to call it a night in any event.  More tomorrow.


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