What’s in a Name

I’ve owned my boat since 2002.  Well, to be honest, the bank has owned it and I’ve been making payments on the boat since 2002.  August, 2002, to be precise.  And I’ve only got 6 more years on the note …

In all that time, I’ve never given the boat a name. 

I’ve been very good at picking out sailboat names.  Sailboats take on a personality, really, more than power boats do.  I’d toyed with several names for this boat, but a boat name can’t be picked casually, in my opinion.  It needs to reflect the boat, the owner, and be unique.

I’ve never cared much for the bad puns a lot of people use for boat names.  The things like ‘Wet Dreams” … “4-Play” … I’m not a big enough fisherman to go with the “Reel” anything … and it’s just not me.  Not to mention … it’s been done. 

Like I said, sailboat names come easily to me.  If I ever have another sailboat, I think I’ve picked out “Songline” as the name of the boat.  The aboriginal Australians believe every life has a songline, and that you can sing yourself from one place to another and never get lost.  I love that for a sailboat.

One of the best sailboat names I’ve seen was down in Abaco.  Someone had named their boat “Tardis”.  Dr. Who fans will recognize that one.

When I worked at C-SPAN … I had a sailboat “Sea Span”.  My most recent sailboat, which has been 10 years ago, was ‘Creola”. 

Other people have had really creative sailboat names.  I liked “Stormy Monday” … “Zum Wohl” … and “3/4 Time”.  Great sailboat names all.

But now, I have a power boat.  I love my power boat, really I do.  But none of the names I came up with seemed to fit her personality.  Until today.

Back in the day, I played with improvjacksonville, and I absolutely flat loved it.  Among the games I loved, and anyone who’s ever watched “Who’s Line” on television know it, was “Party Quirks”. 


Whaddaya think?  It’s not done yet.  I fauxto-shopped this together just to kind of get an idea of what it might look like. 


This was the other idea I had.  “185 ‘blanks’ walk into a bar.  The bartender says ‘I’m sorry, we don’t serve ‘blanks’ here, and the ‘blanks’ say the punch line.  You’ve going to fill in the blanks, we’re going to fill in the punch lines … I need a noun.

But I think I like “Party Quirks” better.  Have an opinion, or a better idea?  Leave them in the comments.  I’ll probably order the graphics next week. 

The boat needs a name.  I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to these two.  Andie likes “Party Quirks” better as a radio call sign.  I do know that either one will be unique, fit the boat, and I think fit my personality.   Your comments are welcome.



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One response to “What’s in a Name

  1. C&J Strand

    We like Party Quirks!

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