Another Boating Disaster

No, not me.  The only boating disaster I’m dealing with right now is $4.00/gallon gas.  But up at Fernadina Sunday … there was this.

Bad Day 2 There are a couple of ways this could have happened.  The most common is the scuppers in the self-bailing cockpit get clogged, and any rain that falls into the boat has no way to get out.  A few good hard rains and you boat can wind up heading for the mud. 

Another very plausible scenario is that a sea cock or through hull let go.  Or, as I had with the live well, a loose fitting below the waterline is a big ‘ol “Open” sign for water.  The bilge pump will only run as long as the battery holds out, and then … your boat is heading for the mud.

I have no way of knowing if this boat had an inboard engine, but if it did, the stuffing box where the propeller shaft goes through the hull can leak.  The stuffing box is SUPPOSED to leak a bit … it helps lubricate and cool the prop shaft as the engine runs.  But if the stuffing … literally a cotton wadding … dries out or the nuts that hold it together loosen, there’s that “Open” sign again, and it’s off to the mud.  There’s often a similar fitting where the rudder pintle goes through the hull if the rudder is mounted that way.  Rudders that are mounted on the transom don’t have that issue.

I have no idea why this boat has managed to sit exactly upright, rather than being heeled over on her side.  I have a theory that she might be a boat like a Hurley … designed for areas with large tidal changes.  They have twin keels, so that as the tide ebbs, the boat will sit upright on the bottom. 

The tide was pretty much flat low when I shot this picture, so that’s as much of this boat as is ever seen. 

Seems like I’ve taken a lot of pictures of sunken or beached derelict boats around the area.  I don’t think there are more here than anyplace else … I just seem to have found a bunch of them.

But every time I see one of these boats, I’m reminded of how quickly your boat can go from pride and joy to sitting on the bottom … or the shore.  Definitely something to be avoided.



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