Another Day on the Water

Osprey It’s coming into the good part of the boating season.  The next few weeks can have some of the best weather of the year.  Nice blue skies, bright sunshine, not blazingly hot, usually a breeze … basically perfect boating weather.  Today was such a day.

Busy and Tim were on their boat, Andie and I were on ours.  We struck out north on the Intercoastal Waterway towards Fernadina. 

The first thing to catch my eye was this osprey’s nest … complete with two osprey.  Osprey love to nest in daymarks like this.  They’re obviously easy to defend, and give a good view of everything around, including the water where their food source lives.  It was a rare summer sailing on the Chesapeake Bay that we didn’t see one or more nests with juvenile birds … and watch them grow up over the course of a couple of months.  The only drawback might be that flashing green light that could keep you awake all night … but I guess the birds don’t mind so much. 

Shed Ruin As we got up near Fernadina, I saw this shed that is just about to collapse in on its self.  It was on shore where several of the local shrimp boats tie up, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s an old processing or packing facility.  It’s difficult to say without going ashore and checking it out, but as falling-down buildings often are, it’s photogenic.  I think it’s a good candidate for rendering in black and white, which will make it appear even older.  I think I have software that will sepia tone the photo as well.  That might be interesting. 

Bad Day

Finally, another picture of a boat where one shouldn’t be.  You may recall I posted pictures of, and wrote about, a boat like this that’s on the bank of the Intracoastal to the south.  Here’s another, which is even a little easier to see.  Any time you can see a boat and a tree in the same picture … and there’s no trailer involved … it’s probably the result of a pretty bad day.  This boat is in a fairly sharp curve in the ICW, and there’s no way to know if the boat was tossed up there on an abnormally high tide, or if the boat “captain” simply missed the turn, either at night or under the influence of alcohol, and wound up basically wrapping his boat around a tree.  What ever the circumstance, the boat has been stripped bare.  No engine, no brightwork, nothing left but the bare fiberglass.  Definitely a bad day.  As a commenter on the previous post said, “sometimes boats wind up in the strangest places.”

It took about an hour to run up to Fernadina.  Busy and Tim followed us there and back aboard “Season Ticket”.  They’re still learning the waters around here … and frankly, so am I.  But I have just enough more local knowledge that I’m happy to play tour guide.  At one point, Andie lost her hat, so we had to do a quick 180 to go retrieve it.  Other than that, it was an uneventful, but beautiful day.  Lots of dolphin in the Intercoastal today.  Just perfect for cremating dead dinosaurs on the ICW … even if those dinos did cost me $4.00/gallon.

Yep, 20 gallons of gas cost me $80.00 today.  I hope that much gas will last me at least the rest of the month.



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