Over the Top

Pledge Success

We blew through our $143K goal by at least $2500, before we counted anything that came in from Internet pledges, matching gifts, and what will trickle in over the weekend when people realize they have missed the drive.

Unless you’ve ever raised money for a non-profit before, you can’t know how gratifying this is.

I’m a pretty conservative guy, as everyone who knows me well can attest.  I’m not hard-core.  I like moderates, and support them.  I’m not the kind of person you’d EXPECT to find working for public broadcasting.  There are a lot more of us than you know, but that’s another post entirely.

This is about somebody sending money to allow me to continue to do what I love.  It’s not about me at all, but I’m the beneficiary of being part of an organization that people believe in and will support.  Being able to raise money in this way is so validating, so empowering, and so gratifying I’m humbled every time we reach a goal like this.

And really, while it wasn’t EASY this time, it wasn’t the struggle it has been in the past.

Pledge Notes So, every time I look at the wall-o-notes that goes up for every drive, I’m reminded that we don’t have any mission other than to make good radio.  That’s all we have to do … and people send us money for the privilege of making good radio.  And we do.  The staff of professional reporters and announcers and support staff makes it easy to make good radio.  But that doesn’t  make it any less gratifying.

So, if you live around Jacksonville, or anywhere on the First Coast, and you made a pledge the last couple of weeks, thank you so very much.  We had a lot of first time donors this drive, and a lot of people who hadn’t given since the format of the station changed back in 1999.  For you, I hope this is the beginning or rekindling of a long, long association with WJCT. 

We need to do this from time to time just to remind us how much we rely on our listeners.  Without those of you who make pledges year after year, there would be no such thing as Public Radio.  If you didn’t take a minute and a half to make a pledge this time, keep listening.  You’ll get there.  In the meantime, we’re very thankful to have you as a listener. 

Where ever in the United States you may be reading this, I’ll bet there is a Public Radio station in your town.  If you’re not a regular listener, give them a try.  You’ll be amazed at what you hear.  If you are a regular listener, and you’ve not made a pledge, I’ll bet your local station has a website that will allow you to donate any time. 

If you’re a donor … you’re da BOMB!

Time for a quiet weekend … after meeting my cousin’s son and a bunch of his Navy buddies tonight. 

Wish me luck.



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