Dead Tree Walking

Killer Tree I couldn’t resist this.

We have several dead and dying palm trees at the station.  Apparently some kind of beetle is moving from one tree to another, and so there are a bunch of palms with no fronds … they really look sad.

So, in anticipation of them being removed … because what else can you do with dead trees … they’ve been marked for execution with the legend “Killer Tree”.

I laughed out loud when I saw that, and of course, had to have a picture.

I’ve been joking for some time that I wouldn’t want to park in the fall path of the killer tree during a big wind, which we’ve had plenty of recently.  But I never thought they’d actually label them “Killer Trees”.  I don’t know when the trees will actually be removed.  Until then … beware the killer trees.


I managed to get back on the bike today.  Andie and I have both been trying really hard to eat less.  She’s bought a bikini she wants to wear in Abaco in July, and I’d sure be happy to not look like a sausage stuffed into my wetsuit … even if it is a shorty.  And, as this may be our last vacation with Jenni maybe ever, I’ll want to take lots of pictures.  There’ll be a lot of pics this summer, I’m guessing.  Jenni graduates from high school and goes to the islands with us.  We’ll have out birthdays, mom’s moving down. So many things.  And all good reasons to not be too overweight. 

So it was back on the bike tonight.  Our lady of blessed endorphins kept me feeling pretty good until just a few minutes ago, when I just crashed.  But, I made it 18 miles and burned nearly 1200 calories.  This first week has been difficult, because of all the pledge food lying around the station.  But I’ve managed to not eat it all week.

We’ve been trying really hard to not eat other than meals.  One of the things we’ve done for the past several months is just graze after eating a big dinner.  I’m trying cook more reasonable sized meals, and then not eat junk before going to bed.  If I can get back to the cycling regularly here after pledge, maybe I’ve got a chance.


Speaking of pledge … it’s going pretty well, but we’ll have a big hurdle tomorrow to make the goal.  I’m pitching ATC tomorrow afternoon, and I’m hoping to not have more than $10K to raise at that point.  If that’s the case, we’ve got a chance.  Or maybe the Morning Edition people can make it moot … and anything we raise in the afternoon will be gravy.

Still, it’s up early tomorrow for Week in Review … lunch with a former intern from C-SPAN who’s now at WLRN in Miami, and pitching ATC until 6:00.  Saturday … we sleep.



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One response to “Dead Tree Walking

  1. That is HILARIOUS! Taped and everything, too funny 🙂 Good luck with cutting back. It’s so hard for us to do, we bought the baby a seat to go on my bike. 18 miles is nothing to sneeze at, you go! 🙂

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