Things that Piss Me Off 1

Grumpy And honestly, there aren’t many, but there are a few.

This, BTW, was Kitty Az.  I got him with Andie.  He’s since gone on to his reward.  He’s not what pissed me off, but that face just says “I’m Pissed”, so I thought it was appropriate.

What got me on this rant was a truck that was behind me this afternoon on the freeway … with one of those ridiculous teeth and fangs bug catchers on the grill.  It used to not bother me, until a truck ate my sister and nephew.

I don’t know if the truck that literally crushed them while they sat stopped in traffic had one of those stupid grill covers, but ever since, I’ve hated them.  It’s bad enough that some drivers try to intimidate you with several thousand pounds of truck, but to blatantly flaunt it in that way is just obscene, IMHO. 

People who drive trucks should be respectful of the power they have under their control … not throw it around like they’re all that.  Drivers of any vehicle should be respectful of that, but for some reason, the whole teeth-on-the-grill thing is just a bit much any more.  I’ll tell you this, I was always intimidated by large trucks.  Or at least tried my best not to put myself in a position where one could hurt me.  After losing two family members to the negligence of a truck driver, though, I find myself to be far less tolerant of such foolishness. 

Sorry this post is such a buzz-kill.  I’ll try to be more upbeat tomorrow.



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